Josh Kidwell

  • ACD/ Motion Designer/ Editor at Evernote
  • San Francisco Bay Area

Once upon a time in 2006 there was a young excited college grad named Josh. He wanted to make videos for non profits and change the world. He lived abroad and happily chased his dream for many years.

Then he fell in love and started a family. For a decade he worked hard at a corporate video job in order to feed his kids. (He also met a lot of cool creative people and learned cool marketing stuff.)

One fateful day in 2023, he was suddenly laid off alongside thousands of other tech workers. Josh is now seeking out individuals and organizations who share his vision for a better world in order to help them tell their stories. With out the stability of a "real" job will he be able to feed his kids and follow his dreams!? Only time will tell...

Boring Version:

I'm Josh. I'm a video production/ multimedia specialist/ podcaster in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also host a podcast about how to be more human in an automated world.

If you're looking to partner on a project, or have any questions about my work or experience, I would love to hear from you.