Meetings Mastermind

Josh Kidwell: Art Direction, Designer, Motion Designer, Story
David Perez: Copywriter
Forrest Bryant: Creative Director

I love collaborating with David. On this piece we were tasked with making Calendar Integration in Evernote seem like a really cool thing. After determining that the primary audience was existing users, and that the goal was to show the benefit and not where to click, I decided to go the route of using abstracted UI.

This way the audience can relax about paying attention to the what and focus on the story of why this new feature would be so helpful to them. I spoke with the stakeholders regarding what story might be broadly appealing and give us room for fun. I view the process as a partnership, after all the marketing managers know all the data on our target audience. It was determined that “meetings” would be a great fit.

I workshopped ideas with David and CD on how we could have a funny hook at the beginning. We landed on the all too familiar situation of a zoom meeting starting without you. From their I storyboarded out several iterations which we ran past the stakeholders. An animatic was presented for final sign off.

From there I created the style frames and animated the piece. In the end we had minimal feedback, because we had taken the time to walk the stakeholders through the process of starting with a concise brief, and reviewing the storyboards during preproduction.

  • Role Designer // Motion Designer// Story

I created this Animatic