Visual Philosophy Studios Promo

During the pandemic I took a welding class with Wyatt at Visual Philosophy studios. It was a fantastic experience and I could not believe there was such an amazing artist collective and studio right here in San Jose where I live.

From time to time, teams from companies like Google and Johnson and Johnson come to do team building workshops and events at the space. They spend an afternoon together learning and practicing skills like metal working and screen printing together.

In late 2023 Visual Philosophy studios wanted to get more companies and teams interested in using the space for events. I filmed a workshop with a team from Google and turned it into a promotional piece that could be shared broadly and get the word out.

I focused on highlighting Visual Philophy’s strengths – being a community centric artist hub, run by a skilled and generous team.

Visual Philosophy, LLC is an art studio, creative community and artist incubator located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

If you’re interested in hosting an event please check it out.