Evernote Explainer Video

Oddly Evernote hadn’t updated their “What is Evernote” overview video for many years. The writer David Perez and I spent many zoom calls cooking up a storyline that would be both informative and entertaining, that also have a great hook at the very start. Whenever we had a new batch of ideas we would bounce it off Forrest, the Creative Director for feedback and direction.

I created storyboards and animatics to walk the stakeholders through several rounds of iteration and we finally landed on the idea of an ensemble cast of voice overs. Each voice would represent a persona with their own problems which Evernote could solve.

I created style frames of keys scenes to establish the look. Thanks to designer Nate for helping create some assets like the fake websites and icons.

I was also responsible for animation, sound design, helping direct VO sessions, and all aspects of the final edit.

  • Role Josh Kidwell: Art Direction + Motion Designer // David Perez: Writer // Forrest Bryant: CD

Final Video

Rough Animatic